Our term of service officially begins when we have confirmed you on our tour of your choice and received your deposits with confirmation of the trip and details of all passengers taking this trip.

Your booking will be confirmed only after receiving 50% of the total payment. The remaining payment must be made 28 days before the date of departure.

Only written communications will be considered in the event of a disagreement, so booking correspondence should only be made in writing.

If Traveda Tours must cancel your reservation for an unforeseeable cause, our responsibility is restricted to issuing a refund for the initial payment.

Limitations & Liability: 

The itineraries provided at the time of bookings are sample itineraries and alterations may be made for participant safety depending on factors like weather, road conditions, political situations, and traveller health.

The price of your travel packages does not include surcharges at the time of booking in the event of an unexpected increase in fuel prices, planned air travel, and any government-imposed taxes, which the traveller will be responsible for paying and will be informed of before the trip.

When it comes to lodging, transportation, or other services, Traveda Tour Private Limited is not liable for any property loss or theft, personal injury, or other damages resulting from acts of God, dangers, fire, accidents, breakdowns in machinery or equipment, breakdowns of transport, wars, civil unrest and other things beyond our control.


While on the tour all complaints should be bought to the notice of the tour manager to facilitate quick resolution.

If a situation arises that cannot be rectified or is out of the tour manager’s control, a written complaint should be sent to Traveda Tours’ email address.

After their tour ends, travellers can raise any grievances within one month. Any complaints submitted beyond this time frame will be void, and the Traveda Tour will have no further obligation to the customer.