We respect our visitors’ right to privacy and their right to know how their personal information (identifying information like name, email address, and mobile number) is used at TravedaTour, which can be accessed from https://travedatour.com/.

The information that TravedaTour collects and records, as well as how we utilise that information, are described in full in this Privacy Policy document.

We assure you that we follow appropriate standards to protect your data on our website.

Unless they register, site visitors are not required to give us any information about themselves.

Your name, address, email address, and phone number will be requested when you register on our website.

We use your information to contact you directly or through one of our partners as well as to send emails.

We also use this provided information to personalize your travel experience with us and for this reason, we may also share your information with a select group of third parties, such as hotels and tour operators.

The provided information may also be used to deliver necessary info about website, offers, and packages via phone or email.

Traveda Tour uses ‘cookies’ to store information including visitors’ preferences. Cookies are small files of information that the web server generates and remembers at the time of your next site visit.

The data is used to improve the quality of our services and to personalise the users’ experience by altering the web page content based on visitors’ browsers.

Cookies are not used to track users’ activities or send personal data.

Changes to the privacy statement are announced on the website and sent through email to registered users.

Your information is never sold or shared with any parties for commercial gain or any other reason.

In accordance with our privacy policy, the Traveda tour does not utilise the data it collects for any other reason than what is stated above.