Suppose one believes the words of the Italian explorer Marco Polo. In that case, Sri Lanka is the “best island of its size in the world,” and the country’s tropical beaches, heritage sites found all along its length, millennia of Buddhist heritage found all over the country, two monsoon seasons, and abundant wildlife speak volumes about its natural beauty.

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Trending Tour In Srilanka

Buddhist Tour

Around the 2nd century BC, Emperor Ashoka’s son and daughter Sanghamitta introduced Theravada Buddhism to Sri Lanka. From that time until now, this religious influence has spread greatly, and more than 70% of the Sri Lankan population practises Buddhism.

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Ramayana Pilgrimage Tour

The Ramayana is one of Hinduism’s most revered scriptures, and it is linked to Sri Lanka, formerly known as Lanka, the country that was the Kingdom of Ravana, who abducted Sita. The events that followed the kidnapping, Lord Rama and the Ravana war, all took place on this nation’s soil.

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Culture and Heritage Tour

With 2500 years of handwritten history and eight UNESCO world heritage sites, Sri Lanka is a popular Asian destination for those interested in diverse history and culture. The country was ruled by the British, Dutch, and Arabs, whose influence can be seen in ancient ruins, traditions, and food, among other things, and its neighbouring country India also has an impact on Sri Lankan culture.

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Yoga-Spa-Wellness Tour

The philosophy of mind, spirit, and body balance, Ayurveda at the heart of the medical approach, and mindfulness culture as a result of Buddhism’s widespread presence are just a few of the reasons why Sri Lanka is the best place to go on a wellness tour.

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Traveda derives its name from Travel+veda, which means “travel with wisdom.” As a result, a travel guide is an essential component of our packages, allowing you to gain knowledge while travelling with us. Other services included in the package include accommodation in a five-star hotel, all meals and taxes, transportation within the country, a language expert, airport pickup and return, healthcare essentials, and monument entrance fees.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I travel to Sri Lanka?

The country is a natural paradise, with beaches all around, green mountains, diverse wildlife, rice fields, waterfalls, and ancient ruins. . Buddhism-related monuments are the major attraction of the country. Visit Sri Lanka to relax and enjoy yourself. Traveda Tours is your reliable travel partner for the best Sri Lankan Tour packages.

Is a visa required for travel to Sri Lanka?

Yes, and unlike most other Asian countries, the country does not offer visas on arrival, so you must apply for a visa online ahead of time. Our Srilanka tour packages include visa facilitation for your travel.

What should I wear in Sri Lanka?

It depends on your destination and the time of year you travel. However, loose-fitting cotton clothing is advised. Long-sleeved clothing and hats will protect you from the sun. To accommodate the varying temperatures, layering is recommended. Dress modestly when visiting Buddhist religious sites.

What is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka?

The peak season for tourists in Sri Lanka is between December and May. It is also possible to visit during the monsoon season to enjoy beautiful weather, lush greenery, and a lack of crowd.

What is the country's official language?

Tamil and Sinhala The Sinhala language is spoken by the Sinhalese, who make up roughly 70% of the national population.

Does Sri Lankans speak English?

Only a small percentage of Sri Lanka’s population is fluent in the language.

What is the currency of this island nation, and where can I exchange it?

Rupee of Sri Lanka Currency exchange in Sri Lanka can be obtained from Colombia airport, local banks, and authorised money changers.

Is Sri Lanka a safe destination for foreign travellers?

Yes, Sri Lanka is a safe nation even for women solo travellers. But do take care of your money and belongings.

Which Traveda Tours package will take me to all of Sri Lanka's UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

Culture and heritage tours include visits to the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Galle’s Old Town and Fortifications, Dambulla Cave Temple, and Kandy’s Sacred City.

How long should you stay in Sri Lanka?

Depending on how many destinations you want to visit, 7 to 15 days should suffice.

What are some of the best travel tips for Sri Lanka?
  • Apply for an e-visa before you travel
  • If you have any Buddha tattoos, cover them up
  • Before taking a tuk-tuk, confirm the fare with the locals
  • The country’s ATM system is unreliable.
What are some of the must-try delicacies of Sri Lanka?

Rice along with curry is the most consumed food in Srilanka. Some of the must-try delicacies in Sri Lanka include egg hoppers, Sambol, and Kottu Roti.

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